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The Big Green Pocketbook Candice Ransom

The Big Green Pocketbook

Candice Ransom

Published 1993
ISBN : 9780060208493
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 About the Book 

Book Title: The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice RansomDescription: In this story, a young girl spends the day running errands with her mom, while collecting many objects for her new green pocketbook.Focus: Unit 1: Writing small moments (personal narrative from Lucy Calkins). Ransom demonstrates small moments in different settings throughout the book. She does a good job showing how writers focus on one setting/idea and capture the details in that one single moment.Teach: W.1.3 Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal even order, and provide some sense of closure.While reading the book, pause and discuss the setting on each page. Focus on how the character remains in one place and describes her surrounding in that one small moment. Review the 5 senses and ask students to recall the details. “What did she see? What did she smell? What did she hear? What did she say? What did she touch?” Tell students that we can imagine our whole life as a book, but we can focus on one page and share a small moment of our book, just the like author did. To conclude the lesson: Incorporate a visual from Lucy Calkins “X marks the Spot.” This does a good job starting students off with small moments.Expected Outcome: Students will be able to focus their writing and describe a small moment in about 4-5 sequenced sentences.