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Aislings Summer Diary Aisling Fitzsimons

Aislings Summer Diary

Aisling Fitzsimons

Published January 6th 2013
Kindle Edition
121 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It was supposed to be the best summer of their lives, but for Aisling, Siobhan and Ali it could be the time that destroys their friendship forever. In spite of her promise to hold off of boys for the summer, Aisling finds herself falling for the guy next door – who unfortunately just happens to be related to her new rival! She struggles to keep the relationship secret, but then things get even more complicated when her ex arrives on the scene looking to get back together…For Siobhan this summer was a chance to study under her professed business genius Uncle, instead she finds herself involved in a mission impossible to save her Uncle from bankruptcy by taking control of the situation, revamping his rundown hotel and overtaking ruthless competitors. While for their friend Ali this summer turns into a break from reality – having reinvented himself as a magician hiding his true identity from the new love of his life, who may just dump him if she ever finds out the truth.Check out Ailsing’s Summer Diary for a roller-coaster ride through a summer these friends will never forget - if they survive it!