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Elio Knox

37 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

~READ IT NOW ON SMASHWORDS~: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...Tyce knew he was gay after one heated encounter with a sexy stranger. So why hasnt he been able to get busy in the last 7 months? Maybe all he needs is some quick, hot fun...AND a hot boyfriend. A man whos into trans guys like him.Can he get out of his slump? Will he be able to, even if he can? Whether hes ready or not, one wild day is lying in wait for him to find out.***ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elio Knox is a 30-something trans man living large and loving long on the East Coast (U.S.). All of his erotic romance—or romantic erotica, depending on your sunshades—features trans, gay, and/or queer characters, and usually with just the right amount of body hair (i.e. lots). His first novelette was 2014’s BUSY.