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Lhomme-serpent, (Beast Quest, #12) Blandine Longre

Lhomme-serpent, (Beast Quest, #12)

Blandine Longre

ISBN : 9782012019966
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 About the Book 

Another of the popular Beast Quest series. Kids love collecting these adventures and the illustrations and colourful collector cards go down well.In each tale Tom has to contend with a new monstrous beast sent by an evil sorceror. This book is from the second series, and a nice touch is that one Beast Tom freed from an evil spell in the first series comes to his aid. A three-headed lion is a fearsome opponent, and fittingly in this plains environment we also meet a pack of hyenas, cattle and goats. Tom depends on his friend Elenna who is an archer, and his horse Storm and Elennas wolf Silver.This tale contains a lot of physical fighting and Tom draws strength and courage from his golden armour. There is a degree of using clever planning to help improve the odds, but mainly the tale follows a series of lion attacks so parents may want to choose wisely, though the story is still suitable for most under-tens.